Friday, 1 September 2017

Shyish is a big place...

Well summer has truly put a spanner into the regular gaming plans but they have once again picked up and so I can catch up on the campaign updates.  I did however, manage to get in a skirmish game recently with the most excellent Tears of Envy.

We both wanted to play an Arabian Night themed games and after looking through my collection I was able to piece together a brand new warband made up of a mysterious warlock, his assassin henchman and a gaggle of Ghouls.

The warband.
We played a pair of linked scenarios set around a cursed village, deep in the sandier regions of Shyish with a troupe of Trasure Hunters trying to locate as much loot as possible while my evil do'ers attempted the same thing.

Ghouls go a-hunting.
Sadly my luck did not hold out in these games and I was beaten twice!  My warlock tried to run for it in the last game but sadly, well, the dice say it all:

"You're nicked sunshine!"


  1. Custom sides on the one! You want to be rewarded with high rolls with the custom side!

    The colour of the gang leader's robes really marks him out as boss.

    1. Ha we will always disagree on that one! Skulls on the 1 makes me think of Blood Bowl mind...

      It was a last minute decision to go for red, ideally I will incorporate it into any more henchmen I do for the group.

    2. I'm with Rob on this one: skulls = 1, every time!