Thursday, 7 December 2017

Did me some photos

Inspired by Iron Sleet's excellent guide and helped by those most brilliant of people Curis and Tears of Envy I made myself a light box out of card and sticky back plastic and tried to actually get some shots of my models I don't hate.

The set up (I soon moved the lamp away from the edge)

 My first shot. I brightened the shot and fiddeled around with the Cast setting*

Tech Gangers!

Some ne'er do well Marines.
This morning I was thinking over the photos and now I am actually more inspired to get back painting than I ever have before! A success in my eyes.

 Looks it is like White Dwarf and everything! Many thanks to Curis for the background.

*I have no idea what that means.

Friday, 1 December 2017

All quiet in the Underhive

It can be a lonely place down here...bring a friend.

A hectic work life at the moment means my hobby is taking a bit of a kicking but I planned for this and actually, a 3 week gap means I am really keen to get down with the paints and glue as soon as I can. 

 In the meantime here is a shot from a Necromunda game I played earlier in the year, seems to be the season of the Underhive at the moment so thought I should join in!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Warhammer: A personal canon.

The Alpha

Bit of an odd post this but I have been thinking about how all the Warhammer Worlds could fit together and if they can exist as “one”.  In the end I have come up with the following timeline which fits well for me:

The Old World/The World that Was: The “original” world of WFB & WFRP, created by the Old Ones. The Old World is destroyed by Chaos at the End Times.

Age of Myth: Sigmar & Dracothian unite the gods and form the Mortal Realms.

Age of Chaos: The big bad are back and wreck house in the Mortal Realms.

Age of Sigmar: The gates of Azyr are opened, the Realmgate Wars, the forces of Order fight back against Chaos.

This is my leap of faith:

At the end of the Age of Sigmar, the Old World is reforged by Sigmar as Earth. This would explain the geographical and cultural links between the Old World and modern Earth.  Sigmar himself is reborn with the world as the Emperor, appearing in Anatolia at the dawn of civilisation. 

End of leap.

Age of Terra: Based on Earth/Terra, mankind begins to colonise the nearby planets & stars.

Dark Age of Technology: Mankind reachers it’s cultural and scientific zenith spreading through the galaxy.

Age of Strife: Well that doesn’t last long, Terra collapses to factional warfare, nukes, bio weapons, cats & dogs living together. The Emperor unifies Terra and then the former colonies of mankind using the Thunder Warriors/proto-Astartes.

Age of Imperium: The Emperor founds the Imperium using his Adeptus Astartes and Primarchs. I bet this goes well...

What do you think? Makes sense? Square peg/round hole?

The Omega

Friday, 24 November 2017

Clash at the Guerac Throne

So, the skirmish game!

This played out really well for a "pick up" game.  We both had 44 Renown to play with and although Tear's force wasn't "strictly" legal, (you need one Hero figure to act as General so instead the Protector Prime was chosen), the game, and I am sorry if this sounds like a battle report in an issue of White Dwarf, came down to the last few dice rolls!

The scenario played was Treasure Hunt from the Skirmish book and we totally ignored all the Allegiance Abilities, Skirmish Abilities etc. as we mostly just forgot.  Bonus internet points to whoever gets the Guerac reference without heading to Google.

The Warbands Engage (bonus finger)

The First Clash, I quickly realised my Ghosts had no chance one to one.

We are really playing! My forces have scattered to take objectives.

Clash of the Generals!

The very last round and EVERY objective is contested! 

The game head to the finish with a threeway (stop sniggering Curis) tie over the objectives, the last blows struck took out my final Hexwraith leaving 2 objectives as contested and 1 objective held by the Stormtonnians giving them the win. The Guerac Throne had been liberated! Curses.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bringing a gun to a knife fight

"Let's play a 1250pt, nice and easy game of 40K." said my opponent. "Ok!" said I.

"Hmmm, bringing a Lord of War wouldn't unbalance it would it? It is a Forge World unit so is probably underpowered right?" said my brain.

Sorry Dave.

So yes, I fielded a 650pt Lord of war in a 1250pt game last night, and yes, it murdered an army.  I have wanted to use my Morbidex Twiceborn figure for some time so had him sub for Scabeiathrax the Bloated (Say that 3 times fast) as the figures are the same height and on the same base.

Despite the best attempts of a Culexus Assassin and Chapter Master Shrike, it was all over once Morbidex the Bloated (See what I did there?) hit the Marine battle line!

Lesson learnt!

All set up - please note Morbidex in the background

Charge of the Plaguebearers! This lot actually got torn to shreds by Aggressor fire.

The moment of truth as Morbidex starts his rampage. But look...fully painted terrain and miniatures!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Warband glamour shots

I did play those games this weekend, honest. Just not blogged them yet.

For proof here are a pair of glamour shots for the warbands involved in the Age of Sigmar skirmish games.  These photos were both taken by my opponent and lovely person all round Tears of Envy

The Ordsall Host summoned once more!

Tear's incredible Stormtonnians ready for war.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Prepping for games

I think I might be a bit odd. 

I have two games scheduled this weekend with Tears of Envy so have spent the week putting together rosters, scenarios, quick ref sheets etc. and I love it.  Is that weird?

This may tie into my love of world building more seen in roleplaying games (currently playing Numenera & Pathfinder), but the gaming prep lets me expand a bit more than "two groups of lads stand around eyeballing each other"...

In case you are interested the games planned are an Age of Sigmar Skirmish game based around relic of the World that Was in the dust choked plains of Shyish and the others is a Mutant and Death Ray Guns game were our warbands will be grubbing around in the dirt looking for artefacts!

Pictures to follow...well once we have played! Don't expect them to be good.