Friday, 26 January 2018

New year, new projects

Well, turns out I have managed to get involved with two new games and it is only January!  The release of Battle Companies for the Lord of the Rings SBG is exactly what I have wanted for the system for a long time, so I took the plunge and am painting up some nasty goblins from the mountains:

Love this design of goblin.  One of the few things the Hobbit films got right.

And then there is also the game I swore I wouldn't play. Shadespire.  Turns out it absolutely ticks all my boxes, gives me small, self contained painting projects and lets me get in many games, fast.

Just so elegant a game!

In fact it has so taken me, I have signed up to the Grand Clash in March. My first ever tournament in 25 years of the hobby!

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