Monday, 15 January 2018

Spoopy Lads

Decided that my ghosts didn't look "done" after their last few outings so, fuelled by the growing Malign Portent tease, I have done a few touch ups and adjustments.  Basically drybrushed another layer of white, gloss washed them black, added blood stains and spooky red eyes.  Also added a black rim around the base rather than dark brown.

I also realised that I just do not like the more modern Spirit Host figures, all swirly and that, so switched them out for bases of figures painted all ghostly to represent the collected victims of the army.

I picked Free Company figures and a few Orruks to represent the souls reanimated from the ghost's initial foray into the Harrowmark

Spirits of the Harrowmark

Lord Radclyffe's Company

The Middoth, The White Lady & The Wraith

1 comment:

  1. Nice choice of figures to make the ghost swarms. Your photography keeps levelling up.