Friday, 20 April 2018

You belong to us. You shall be like us.

As mentioned in my last post I picked up a couple of figures (10!) at Salute for two brand new projects, the first of these have seen some paint and glue applied so presenting my first Tomb Cybermen for Warlord Games' Into the Time Vortex Game.

Original 1967 Transmission

Fan colourised version

I loved painting this figure, it was nice and simple, I tried a couple of techniques I don't normally do, like highlighting.... The base is still WIP but does currently pass well for the sandy regions of Telos.

I really had to pick up the Tomb of The Cybermen box even though I had no real interest as it is probably my favourite classic Who serial.  That one or Doctor Who and The Silurians anyway...


  1. Great start to the force. Seeing these painted up by fans like you rather than the official Warlord images weirdly inspires me to buy into the range more.

  2. Thanks Chris! I often find more inspiration from figures painted by "hobbyists" than a studio paint job. I think they usually make them feel a bit "unobtainable!"