Thursday, 7 January 2016


So with the decision made to create a Death alliance army I wanted to give it a real focus.  When creating armies I like to limit the number of unit types to choose from to really keep the theme through it.

For this one, I wanted to do an army that was impossible in 8th edition Warhammer and do a 100% ghost army.  This was probably influenced by the fact it was winter, which is my favourite time to sit and read ghost stories (or watch the brilliant Ghost Stories for Christmas) as well as the ease I would be able to paint them

Going through the warscrolls  it appeared the units that would be most suited would be Spirit Hosts for the bulk of the force, Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshees for characters as well as Hexwraiths as the obligatory ghostly horsemen.  I would need a magic user to summon all of these lost souls to the battlefield but I hadn't made my mind up which one yet.

Now, I was going to call my army a "Ghost" army, but the warscrolls all seemed to have a certain Keyword; Malignant.  Ahh, so that is what I was collecting, a Malignant army!  I suppose this will cover any and all spirits, ghosts etc. that will be brought out for the Death armies and suits me down to the ground.  This was confirmed with the announcement of the Star Collecting Malignants box coming from GW.

(I realise this post has a lot of links to the GW shop but this purely to show EXACTLY what miniatures I am going to be collecting.)

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