Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The "list"

Well, there isn't one really.  Age of Sigmar has (in)famously done away with points and army lists to let people collect exactly what they want.  I have always found I do need a specific goal to aim for when creating an army in order to have a sense of the project progressing.

The formations provided for each army are a nice way of focusing a list to a theme with a nice game bonus but sadly one hasn't yet been created for the malignant forces.  Well, except for the one in the starter box but I'm not planning on picking this up (though I would have done if it had come out before Xmas ...grumble grumble...).

Instead I asked at my local shop how people are playing games and the manager said they aim for 50 wound games, nice and simple.  So...on to the list:

Spirit Hosts: As the bulk of the army I think I will go for 3 units of these.  At 9 wounds for 3 stands                          that is 27/50 used up.

Tomb Banshee: Something a bit more fun and a ranged attack. 4 wounds takes me to 31/50

Cairn Wraith: Brilliant model and is there anything more iconic than a floating spectre with a great                            big dirty scythe to go through the enemy? 4 wounds again. 35/50.

Hexwraiths: Ghostly cavalry always look great and the unit would give me a bit more flexibility on                          the field.  a unit for 5 figures equals 10 wounds. 45/50

Now then, I have 5 wounds remaining but I am missing a rather large piece of the puzzle.  A magic user!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Undead were my first ever Warhammer army, back at the dawn of 4th edition and since then (and actually in earlier editions) you have HAD to have magic user in an Undead army, to keep all the bones and spirits together and also to bring more to the fight when it inevitiably goes wrong.

The magic users currently available for the Death faction are the Necromancer and the Lich Priest (disregarding Special Characters).  Neither which are malignants and neither of which have a spell relevant to malignants! There is the Mortis Engine which does also cover this but I am holding off on getting one until my force is a bit more complete.

I think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and pick up a Necromancer for the force, the only mortal on the field of battle! At 5 wounds they would perfectly round out the army to 50 wounds.

Plus, I have a plan to convert the model a bit to base them on someone...

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