Thursday, 7 January 2016

The beginning

When Age of Sigmar (AoS) launched in July 2015 I was excited.  I hadn't played Warhammer Fantasy Battles for a number of years and, other than splitting the Isle of Blood Starter Set, I hadn't spent anything on the figures or rules for probably around 5 years. It was mainly 40K and many other 3rd party skirmish and historical war games.

Now, however, was an excuse to start my fantasy gaming afresh and from the very beginnings of a new system.  With half an ear on the rumours I had been collecting a Chaos Daemon army for the last year with half a mind to use them for the "new" Warhammer, if the prophesised move to round bases occured.

Well, it did, and I had an army ready to go for AoS from day zero and took them to Warhammer World on launch day to try the game out.  Well, I enjoyed it immensely, had fun pushing my figures about and went home a happy bunny.

However, then nothing happened. I didn't get another game in until around November (which again, I enjoyed despite being flattened) but I did decide to pick up the various books that were being published by Black Library as well as listen to the Mortal Realms podcast.  This brought the inspiration flooding back.

As winter drew in and Christmas approached I decided what would really get me going would be to create a brand new army from scratch, something designed JUST for AoS and collected to follow on with the story line.  I wanted to go back to my first ever Warhammer army (back in the dawn of 4th) and create an army of the Undead.

Or should I say...Death?

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