Wednesday, 1 June 2016

No blogging but plenty of progress

Funny how much you can actually get done without noticing?

So after my last blog I post I went out and bought the entire beginning force (2 Spirit Hosts, 1 Banshee and 1 Wraith), promptly sat down to a good Doctor Who and painted the whole lot in one frantic evening.

I went for the now ubiquitous light blow glowing scheme (as can be seen here on some figures of a Necromancer Frostgrave warband I have painted in the meantime):

I was pleased with this on the smaller lead figures but it somehow just didn't seem to work on the modern plastic kits.  If you are drybrushing then you really do need a lot of details to pick up!

So tonight I am going back over the whole lot with a brand new colour scheme, something a bit...greener...

The plan is to totally rip off the EXCELLENT green scheme done by Darth Alec on his City of Silence force.  Hopefully this shouldn't take TOO long and I will have pictures. Maybe.

Probably need a new camera first...

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