Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bringing a gun to a knife fight

"Let's play a 1250pt, nice and easy game of 40K." said my opponent. "Ok!" said I.

"Hmmm, bringing a Lord of War wouldn't unbalance it would it? It is a Forge World unit so is probably underpowered right?" said my brain.

Sorry Dave.

So yes, I fielded a 650pt Lord of war in a 1250pt game last night, and yes, it murdered an army.  I have wanted to use my Morbidex Twiceborn figure for some time so had him sub for Scabeiathrax the Bloated (Say that 3 times fast) as the figures are the same height and on the same base.

Despite the best attempts of a Culexus Assassin and Chapter Master Shrike, it was all over once Morbidex the Bloated (See what I did there?) hit the Marine battle line!

Lesson learnt!

All set up - please note Morbidex in the background

Charge of the Plaguebearers! This lot actually got torn to shreds by Aggressor fire.

The moment of truth as Morbidex starts his rampage. But look...fully painted terrain and miniatures!


  1. Great to see these buggers popping up in 40K too. How are you finding 8E?