Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Hive Fleet Moloch: The Albino Swarm

A large part of my recent hobbying has been assemebling an army for the latest edition of 40k.  I was going to stick with my Nurgle Daemons but, well it never quite works like that, and after discovering I had managed to amass a large amount of original Tyranids (pre-1992) I decided to get them into shape for 40k.

This coincided with a new campaign with Warboss Kurgan and Viktor so finally paint touched lead and I have managed to get enough together for a "legal" army.  I also got to do my favourite acivity of digging through 40k books, codicies etc. and putting together a piece of background to give this particular swarm of all consuming insects some "character".

So, introducing  The Albino Swarm:

The Alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor.

“It is my opinion that one of the biggest threats posed by the Tyranid Hive Fleets are their ability to split and regroup at will, sending shards of their forces into deep space, bypassing any form of resistance and falling upon unsuspecting system far away from the traditional borders of the Imperium’s wars.

With regard to Hive Fleet Moloch, although the bulk of the Hive Fleet have now engaged Imperial forces within the Ultima Segmentum [Cross Ref Files. *Karak Prime* *Jollov System* *Forbidden - Death Spectres*], various tendrils have since spread in pursuit of other, unknown targets.
My own forces have now tracked an unusual example to the Malfactus system, a tendril I have designated “The Albino Swarm”.

Since the Hive Fleet crossed into His Most Holy Galaxy in 998.M41 the Albino Swarm has yet to make planetfall on any inhabited worlds and instead has remained in deep space. Indeed, my colleagues in the Magos Biologis Xenologis are particularly interested in the Swarm as they believe the species contained within will be closer to a “pure Tyranid” that made the initial journey across the void which had not yet consumed the bio-mass of this galaxy.

 It is unknown why, at the dawn of 111.M42, over a hundred years after first encroaching on Imperial space, the Albino Swarm has finally moved to engage Imperial and Xenos forces across the Ghoul Stars.”

-          Inquisitor Brellis, Ordos Xenos, Fort Pykman, 111.M42

My armour is contempt.


  1. So you really are blogging ! ^^
    Great, I love those guys and the very organic feel to them.

    1. Hopefully for a bit longer this time!
      Thanks very much :D

  2. I think it's really clever how you've justified the older models popping up in the current universe, and then taken that through the colour scheme.

  3. Thanks Curis! I really wanted to get them into the current story and it just involved digging around a bit and cross referencing various "historical" sources. Bliss!