Friday, 17 November 2017

Prepping for games

I think I might be a bit odd. 

I have two games scheduled this weekend with Tears of Envy so have spent the week putting together rosters, scenarios, quick ref sheets etc. and I love it.  Is that weird?

This may tie into my love of world building more seen in roleplaying games (currently playing Numenera & Pathfinder), but the gaming prep lets me expand a bit more than "two groups of lads stand around eyeballing each other"...

In case you are interested the games planned are an Age of Sigmar Skirmish game based around relic of the World that Was in the dust choked plains of Shyish and the others is a Mutant and Death Ray Guns game were our warbands will be grubbing around in the dirt looking for artefacts!

Pictures to follow...well once we have played! Don't expect them to be good.

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