Monday, 12 February 2018

Harbingers, Portents & HDR

Managed to purchase, assemble and paint the Harbinger of Death: Knight of Shrouds for Malign Portents this week to fit in with the rest of my Death forces.

At this point the focus is still very much Nighthaunts (and he provides an excellent General) for this, but now I am looking to expand into some more "generic" Death units.  Ghost Hounds have always had some appeal.

My latest photograph really emphasises that I need to go over the red eyes of my ghosts with purple (sorry, amethyst) to tie into the latest vogue.

Also, did you know phone cameras have an HDR setting? Because I didn't...

Ghouls & Ghosts


  1. That was quick! I've not even got around to considering the Moonclan character for purchase yet and BAM you've painted and blogged him.

    1. This was a long planned purchase with a free weekend to sit and paint him in front of the telly!