Monday, 10 July 2017

Change of plan(s)

Having completed one Age of Sigmar Skirmish campaign and learning a couple of lessons I have decided to rejig my starting line up from the one that I presented below.

As we starting the Harrowmark campaign with a hefty 35 renown points I decided to go for something a little different and chose a Vampire Lord.  However to fit her into the general ghosts and spooks vibe of the army I painted her identically to the other miniatures and have called her the White Lady.

I have stolen this name from the White Lady of Ordsall Hall which is just down the road from me. Seems like a perfect fit really!

To accompany the White Lady I have Lyrd Radclyffe, a Hexwraith, who is named after another spook of Ordsall Hall, Lord Radcliffe.  This ghost apparently goes around pinching ladies bums so we shall see how he behaves in game...

Lastly is Noisy William.  Basically I needed 3 models to make the warband legal. I had 1 point left and a Zombie fit the bill!  He is "Noisy" as he is the dedicated Noisemaker of the Zombie Warscroll so I can at least always rely on a 6" charge from Bill!

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