Thursday, 6 July 2017

Music to explore dungeons by...

Bandcamp recently published this excellent piece on Dungeon Synth which has introduced me to a genre I never knew existed but have always wanted!

The music of Spectral Kingdom has become my defacto theme for my Malignants...


  1. I think we need this playing during the Harrowmark Run games!

  2. I use ds a lot in our rpg games (Black Hack, though soon we're switching to B/X Essentials). Some of my favourite acts in this genre are Arath, Murgrind, Fief, Dim, Old Tower, Thangorodrim, Faery Ring, Deorc Weg and Oldenhelm. I actually ran a cassette label a few years back that released stuff by Lord Lovidicus and Foglord. Oh yes, SK are very good too. Not heard the newest stuff yet though.

    1. Ah how is Black Hack? I have Cthlhu Hack but have yet to give it a go.

      Thank you for the recommendations and that cassette label sounds very cool.

  3. BH is good fun, although I use it with the Race and Class Hacks.Verymuch a beer 'n pretzels systems. White Hack is also recommended, but requires experienced pcs as the magic system is quite unusual.