Friday, 14 July 2017

The Fyrst Tale...

“What is my name?”

The Whyte Lady looked out at the windswept clearing, which was dominated by a skull laden tower, sheathed her blade and smiled.

Her retainers had done well in scouring the humans and strangely garbed orruks from the structure although the pest Radclyffe had got himself shattered at the hands of the largest of the green beasts and his soul had needed plucking from the ether before the Great Necromancer had noticed…that fool would give them away! The Lady had not fled into the cursed Harrowmark just to be pulled back by the Lord of Undeath to have her soul consumed.  She had lost her mortal shell to his rage, she would not lose everything…

Noisy Wylliam staggered out of the forest groaning, blood staining his hands and dripping down his legs...blood…that had meant something to the Lady in her past…

“Come Wylliam! We move on.” 

The Whyte Lady turned with a practised, almost courtly flourish and headed towards the tower with William staggering close behind, moaning with every step he took.

Just Wylliam

The first game in the Harrowmark Campaign ended as a victory for the Ordeshal Host, defeating both the Ogresuns and the Free Companies of the Gilded Hand in a scramble for territory.

Warboss Kurgan has written up the report here.


  1. Classic zombie! I like how it only has one arm but doesn't look like a broken miniature.

    1. I added a blog of green stuff and cut it into grooves to represent the empty puffy sleeve. Glad you like!