Tuesday, 11 July 2017

When is a Mourngul not a Mourngul?

So of course, I need an Mourngul if my force is going to pack any punch on the battlefields of Shyish.  However, I really do not like the "official" Forge World figure, it just doesn't tally with the rest of the army for me and I hate the in-built horse at its base.

Scouring the rest of GW's range I remembered the C'tan Shard Nightbringer which, to my eyes, is a perfect towering ghostly figure. Even better I had been given the majority of a Nightbringer figure by the most excellent and generous Tears of Envy minus the scythe.  A quick weapon swap later, add my patent basic paint job and Bob's your uncle:


  1. That's a good repurposing of the model. Did you see the one in White Dwarf last year where the owner had replaced the horse with a Rhino so he could use it in his 40K army? That was brilliant.

    1. Thanks! No but that is a great idea! What army was it for?

  2. Really cool - I agree, much more in character with your army than that "half a giant ghoul" thing.